January 19 – Spouse’s Day 2021: Sincere and most beautiful congratulations from the bottom of my heart on an important holiday

Happy Spouse’s Day – January 19, 2021
Plot: Love. Sex. Treason

The traditional Icelandic Spouse’s Day, which they celebrate on January 19, is not directly related to the Russians. Nevertheless, why not show a sign of attention to your beloved husband in the harsh winter, make a pleasant surprise on this day and give him a gift? Of course, if you follow the Icelandic tradition, then to begin with on this day, the husband must get up in the morning, put on only one leg of his trousers and so jump around his yard.

Thus, Icelandic men placate the harsh month of Torri, which comes at this time. But even in this country, the ritual is already a thing of the past, but the holiday has remained. And since there is a reason, we will be especially affectionate and attentive with our husbands on this day, we will serve them coffee in bed and make a gift, create an atmosphere of happiness and joy. Let them feel that Icelandic women are not the only ones who know how to love their men.


My dear, the most – the most,
Dear and dear.
Happy spouse’s day,
I’m very glad that you are mine.

I wish us patience
Clean roads.
So that we continue to love
Like no one else could.

On my own I promise
Be obedient, give in.
I love you so much,
That I agree to please.


Happy Spouse’s Day,
My half,
And I wish you

Happiness, joy, goodness!

May love not fade away
Let’s be together forever
With all my soul I adore
I love you very much!

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My dear and beloved husband, I know that we have a lot of joint holidays in our stock, but I just can’t help but congratulate you on such an important day! You are the man of my whole life, my long-awaited light in the window, my faithful ally, protector, and even a psychologist for the period. In general, my dear, today in our country celebrate the Day of the spouse, on which I sincerely congratulate you. I wish you more smiles and lightness, and we will create happiness together!


Happy spouse’s day,
I am you, my dear,
Live in harmony and love
I wish you and me.

So that the home hearth burns,
Home, so that it was a full cup,
About your love, so that more often
You, my beloved, spoke.

I wish that in life
We walked without separating our hands,
There is no one better in the world
Than you, my dear husband


Today is the day of the wife and husband,
And the family day is big, elastic.
Everyone really needs this holiday.

Great holiday – Spouse’s Day.
I wish you love and happiness,
And many days of earthly peace.
And do not swear with a half,
And live in love and live happily.


Happy spouse day!
May it not be tight for you

May it not be hard for you
Live with me in the same harness.
It’s the same every day.
Seeing my face
Smile anyway
I won’t hurt you
After all, you long ago
For me there is no closer.


I want you today, love,
To say thank you for your love,
You are the best, you are unique
How I love you, dear!

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Thank you for all your efforts
For everything you do in life for your family,
For your affection, for your care and attention,

For your strong and strong hands!

As often as possible, my dear, smile
And the mood will rise instantly!
Always, dear, stay the same
After all, everything in our life will be excellent!


Happy spouse’s day,
I wish you long happiness.

In the house so that there is love
Burned up again and again.

Passion so as not to fade away
And the concern grew.
To be together forever
Kissed endlessly!


Happy spouse’s day

I am you, my dear.
I wish you strength, patience,
My beloved and dear.

To be always successful
Strength to draw from the family,
I never got upset
Boldly walked towards his dream.


Congratulations, beloved husband, Happy Spouse’s Day!
I want, no doubt, to wish
So that we love each other with you,
And they have not ceased to respect.

On Spouse’s Day, dear, I will remind you:
You are the head of the family, the father of children,
You have a huge responsibility!
Our EVERYTHING – and no nails!

You are our protection, and support,
Sponsor, friend, driver, toastmaster,
Comforter, dispute resolver.
Without you, beloved, nowhere!


Happy Spouse Day!
Be happy dear.
It would be hard without you

It’s always good with you!

Be fun and successful
And hurry home to me.
Let love flow gentle
We are carried to the heights!

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