January will be less cold, but still biting

And bref:

  • First half of the month: warmer than normal.
  • Heavy systems expected in the middle of the month, which can bring rain or a mix of precipitation
  • Second half of the month less mild, but above seasonal averages
  • Possible short cold spell in third or fourth week.

A month like his arrival

It is often said that three makes the month, but for January, the first could repeat itself. The exceptional mildness that we are currently experiencing should stretch over the first half of the month. Above-average temperatures, therefore, and a spectacular contrast with January 2018, for example, when the mercury remained below -10 degrees for most of the first week of the month.

From California to Quebec

Even if the Pacific Ocean is nearly 5000 km from Quebec, it is to him that we must attribute this weather much less cold than usual. We won’t be the only ones affected. For the first half of the month, almost the entire eastern part of North America will be under the influence of this Pacific flow which will warm half of the continent, from Saskatchewan to Louisiana, to Newfoundland. Only the American Southwest will have to negotiate with temperatures below seasonal norms during this period, which for southern California remains bearable.


A little fatigue

The second half of January should be a continuation of the same influences, but not as pronounced. But the Arctic does not intend to be ignored all winter. Its cold air could cause the mercury to dip below normal for the season for a few days in the last third of the month. A cold snap is even possible between January 20 and 31.


Less cold, more clouds

The cold will therefore be conspicuous by its absence for a good part of the month, but the precipitation has no intention of taking a vacation. Quebec is right in the wake of weather systems. Result: above normal rainfall. You are probably doing the quick calculation: mild weather, precipitation… yes, it will give rain. The Montreal region, for example, receives an average of 33 mm of rain during the month of January. This mark should be exceeded before the end of the month.


late snow

Snow will be on the way, probably in quantities similar to an average January, but it could struggle to stay on the ground if the mild spells follow.


With the collaboration of Patrick Duplessis, meteorologist.

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