Jason Momoa handed out water during flight to Hawaii; They call it “Aguaman”

The actor Jason Momoa was caught in full flight spreading water bottlesso it surprised passengersand also to Internet users after the clip that went viral.

Well, the hilarious moment that was broadcast on networks after being captured by the aunt of Kylee Yoshikawa TikTok user, it looks like Jason Momoa surprised passengers on a Hawaiian Airlines plane, after taking the position of flight attendant for a few moments in order to promote his new product – water bottles-

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Which are registered under the name of Mananalu.

And they are bottled in aluminum in order to raise awareness about the damage that plastic products cause to the environment.

Well, they were created by the actor after the company he has on the US island, which he founded in 2019.

Noting that the “Aquatic Man” not only has skills as an actor but also as a businessman, since he got so far into his role as Aquaman that he learned more about the issue of water, and how it can be distributed, so as not to cause so much damage to the planet .

No matter how you have to publicize your company; Well, when I present it for the first time, it was recorded while he was shaving the beard he wore for his character in Game of Thrones and now he did it as a flight attendant wearing a pink flower in his hair and the typical Hawaiian necklace.

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In such a way that, due to the above, the clip on networks quickly went viral, reaching 6,200,000 views, 913,800 likes and various comments:

“Working hard to save Aquaman”

“Real Aquaman😂😂😂”




My aunty sent me this vid, i just thought i’d share 😍✈️ #PostitAffirmations #hawaiitiktok #jason momoa #flightattendantlife

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