Jens Spahn (CDU): Buried vaccination passport idea – no special rights for corona vaccinated people

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Health Minister Jens Spahn is against special rights for corona vaccinated people. The World Medical President holds against it.

  • Jens Spahn has opposed one special legal status For Corona– Vaccinated pronounced.
  • Also Health expert Karl Lauterbach criticizes special rights.
  • At the beginning of the pandemic would have Spahn one Vaccination certificate required.

Berlin – The Corona vaccinations in Germany start up. To the Vaccination start The vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer * was mainly injected into high-risk groups, such as the elderly or people in need of care.

Spahn assumes that by the end of March 2021 eleven to twelve million Vaccine doses be available. Since the preparation has to be administered twice, around five to six million people could be vaccinated with it. He wants until summer Minister of Health (CDU) ensure that all people in Germany can be offered a corona vaccination.

Jens Spahn against special rights for vaccinated people: moving away from the vaccination pass

In the middle of the Vaccination start bursts in the face of Shortage of cans, a debate around special rights For Vaccinated. Some politicians are allergic to this. Spahn told the newspapers of the “Funke Mediengruppe”: “Many are waiting in solidarity so that some can be vaccinated first. And those who have not yet been vaccinated expect the vaccinated to be patient in solidarity. ”Mutual consideration keeps the country together, so Spahn.

In spring 2020, at the beginning of the Corona-Pandemiethe Minister of Health had chosen for one Immunitätsausweis, a so-called Vaccination certificate, pronounced. Spahn assumed complete immunization after illness, which has not been finally proven. A vaccination certificate might previously have encouraged people to “Corona parties”.

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Next Spahn was also spoken by health politicians Karl Lauterbach (SPD) against special rights for vaccinated people out. He also warned that those who were vaccinated could infect other people with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. At the start of the vaccination, Lauterbach also called for an increase in vaccine production. He said: “We’re running out of time. The virus has already formed mutations. “

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) at a press conference. (Archive photo)

© Michele Tantussi / AFP

World Medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery, however, considers special rights for vaccinated people to be conceivable. “At the moment, when you cannot offer a vaccination to all people, such a procedure is out of the question,” he told the “Deutschlandfunk”. However, later, if everyone had a chance to get a vaccination and additional information about a possible immunity in the blood were available, such decisions are possible, said Montgomery. As an example, the World Medical President cited that some states had issued entry bans for people who were not vaccinated with yellow fever. Spahn used the same yellow fever comparison in the spring – which is, however, controversial *. (Tobias Utz with AFP) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

Headline list image: © Michele Tantussi / AFP

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