Jesús Luzardo will start for Oakland and Cabrera got a job in Arizona

Caracas. – Others two Venezuelans manage to face each other at the start of the Major League Baseball season, which will be starting next # 1Apr. These are the cases of Jesús Luzardo, who is shaping up as a starter for the Oakland Athletics, and Asdrúbal Cabrera, who got contract this Monday with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Luzardo, a 23-year-old Venezuelan-Peruvian, is well regarded by Oakland for this next season, so much so that he is singled out as the responsible for leading the rotation this year.


Miguel Cabrera will play occasionally in the initial

Athletics manager Bob Melvin knows there are still a lot to polish in relation to the Creole serpentine, who despite his young age is already seen as one of the future aces of the starting team.

And although there is still all the spring training ahead, so that Oakland quarterback make a decision Regarding the initiator of the opening day, everything indicates that Luzardo will have that responsibility.

«He is a very talented boy. My expectations are that Jesus be at the forefront of the rotation, and that could start this year. I think it has taken a step forward this year. I think he will be summoned to All-Star Game anytime«Melvin declared to the MLB portal.

For his part, Cabrera got space in Arizona, a team that hired him for 1.75 million dollars this year.


Visa problems delay the incorporation of 18 Venezuelan players to their teams

The Creole, 35, who He comes from playing for the Washington Nationals, the team with which he won the World Series, is seen as reinforcement. His 14-year career in the majors It has allowed him to play all four infield positions, making him an outfield option.

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But they also have their versatility. With the Nationals left average of .242 / .305 / .446 in the past season, during the 52 games in which he participated.

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