Jim Walmsley storms the 100km road record for the second time

« The attempt was daring. Beat the 100 km road world record (6h09) on an unfavorable course and by 30 ° C was quite a feat We wrote from Folsom, California in May 2019, reporting on Walmsley’s effort. This first test, carried by the equipment manufacturer Hoka One One, had all the nice marketing coup. But it was not without sporting realism.

Almost two years ago, there were at least three riders who could claim to dethrone the Japanese title holder Nao Kazami: the ultra-traileur Jim Walmsley (he relaxed his effort after breaking the more accessible record of the 50 miles), athlete Tyler Andrews (he retired with an injury mid-race) and distance specialist Hideaki Yamauchi (he finished in 6:20).

« Beating a record as solid as that of the 100 km does not allow setting an intermediate goal. I made a mistake while accelerating to the 20th mile. But it’s not a disappointment: I’m happy to have gone for the mark on 50 miles and I will have more opportunities to tackle the 100 kilometers Jim Walmsley concluded in May 2019.

A simultaneous departure

It is therefore under conditions, it seems, more favorable that the equipment manufacturer intends to revive its runners to a new 100 km record on January 23 in the Phoenix region in Arizona. The daytime temperature in Phoenix is ​​just over 20 ° C at this time of year. A new attempt which will bring together around forty athletes, including Frenchwoman Audrey Tanguy, and which will take place simultaneously between the United States and Japan (Tokyo) from where the Japanese athletes of the Hoka One One team will also try the difficult record.


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