Jiménez Losantos’ question about ‘Sálvame’ and the Government: “Is everything due to trying not to go to trial?”

The Pink Chronicle of It’s Federico’s morning has had Isabel Gonzalez, Beatriz Cortázar and Alaska to unravel all the details of the summary of operation Luna, which investigates a plot of espionage to celebrities commanded from the program Save me and that it would affect two hundred famous people.

as explained Federico Jimenez Losantos on esRadio, a “criminal organization that has been operating as a criminal enterprise for years, entering citizen data to manipulate it in a program that we believed was gossip.”

The 4,000 pages of the summary of operation Luna have been carefully unraveled by Isabel González and Miguel Ángel Pérez for Digital Freedomorbiting – just as the deputy director of It is the morning of Federico- about three questions.

The first, González explained, “what people from Save me had contacted the police, after that statement denying relations?” The answer is yes. “Can you think that there is a crime of bribery?” Also, because exchange of 500 euros is mentioned. And finally, “how have we not realized over the years what was happening, how they got the information?” The summary mentions the chain of command followed, with the call to Gustavo commissioned by the management, then the one from the paparazzi to the policeman, who “after a while responded after entering two police bases. And at five o’clock he was giving the information in Save me“.

Jiménez Losantos directed his reasoning towards the new management that is about to enter Telecinco and that has come across a possible criminal network developed over the years. “When Borja Prado enters, did he know this? What does he know, he has entered the middle of a monumental cisco. When he enters, because it remains to ratify him, this cannot last. The politicization of Save me it is not presentable in Italy,” he said, in relation to the relationship between the production company’s team and the government, materialized in the feminist docudrama by Rocío Carrasco.

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Federico also mentions the note from La Fábrica de la Tele denying the major, issued in recent days. “Borja Prado must be with his eyes wide open. He is from the business world, he is oblivious to this. He will wonder how they have been doing this for eleven years. Because everyone knew it, they had a policeman working illegally for a legal broadcast. This can not be”.

Continuing with the data of the new management of Mediaset, which will report directly to Berlusconi, Federico Jiménez Losantos that the last times of the Save me politicized and submitted to the government of Sánchez are over. But first it is necessary to clarify why the events of the last year have happened, with La Fábrica de la Tele, investigated by the judge, making continuous nods to the executive’s postulates.

“So you did what you did about Rocío Carrasco so as not to go to trial? Because it has been ruinous for the chain,” he asked on esRadio, recalling that even the Prime Minister himself personally called Rocío Carrasco. “Is it all due to trying not to go to trial? Because it seems so. And they go and get a note that is a lie from the first line to the last. They have cheated the property and now at Mediaset they don’t know what to do. But it is in Telecinco’s interest that it be known, because to save the pink chronicle, the black chronicle must be removed. Do something else. They have to do something and every day that passes is worse“, he explained in It’s Federico’s morningassuring that some of the contents spied on by Gustavo González’s contact are extremely scandalous.

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