John Wayne the most beloved character in Iowa

Winterset is a city located in Madison County in the US state of Iowa and is known for being the home of the American actor, director and producer who became one of the most popular and enduring stars of the 20th century, John Wayne.

John Wayne was born into a poor family of Irish emigrants and began his career in silent films in the 1920s, breaking the record for leading roles.

the one that was his house is in Winterset and is preserved as is as a museum attended by a million visitors a year.

A period house completely made of wood where we have been able to see the kitchen with the fire to warm up, the living room and even the room where the actor was born and where his birth certificate is displayed.

In addition, in Iowa, the actor has his own walk of fame where all the films in which he participated and starred are stamped.

And as if that weren’t enough with his house and his walk of fame, John Wayne also has a museum dedicated to him entirely.

Photographs of his films, the original clothes of his characters or his film contracts are some of the objects that can be found in this museum whose entrance costs 20 dollars.

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