José Andrés and his most intimate side: his wife, his three daughters and a great friend of the Obamas

  • Chef José Andrés premieres a program in which he tours Spanish gastronomy accompanied by his three daughters

  • We review his most intimate side, from his wife Tichi, to his daughters Carlota, Inés and Lucía

  • They live in Washington DC and, in addition, he is a great friend of the Obama family

The Chef Jose Andres It has become one of the most international Spanish faces, taking Spanish gastronomy to all corners of the world and, above all, for its humanitarian work. Now, the chef based in the United States has gone one step further to star in his own program, ‘José Andrés and family in Spain’, on HBO Max, which just premiered. Six episodes in which explores Spanish gastronomy in very good company, that of his three daughters, Carlota, Inés and Lucía. We review the most intimate side of chef José Andrés.

Joe Biden appoints Spanish chef José Andrés as Sports and Nutrition adviser

Behind the figure of José Andrés there is four women who are the great pillars of his life. The chef set foot in the United States for the first time when he was only 21 years old, when he began to develop his professional career. However, it was not until 2013 that he and his wife, Patricia, obtained US citizenship.

Tichi, his wife

It was precisely in the country where both met. As the cook explained to El Periódico de Catalunya, he met Patricia Fernández de la Cruz, whom he affectionately calls Tichi, in Maryland any given night while they were dancing salsa, although on that evening José Andrés did not attract the attention of his later wife, but he did not give up on his attempts to conquer them.

“We were dating a year and a half. My father had died in September 1994 and we got married in september 1995. Actually it was a civil wedding and then we went to Spain for the religious wedding, the real one, with our friends. But for the death of my father we had a small celebration that was very nice,” she explained in an interview. He really had a return ticket to Spain since, unlike José Andrés, Tichi took advantage of his uncle’s job in the US capital to spend a few months and study English, but life, or love, turned his head around. tortilla.

Great friend of the Obamas

In addition, the couple has some of the most important friendships, since they get along wonderfully with the ObamasMoreover, the former president of the United States has praised him on different occasions for his humanitarian work. Not only that, his foundation, World Central Kitchen, has become financed by Jeff Bezos, which in 2020 injected 100 million dollars to boost its initiative.

his three daughters

Fruit of his love with Tichi were born Carlota, Ines and Lucia, his three daughters raised in the United States, but who have always been instilled with love, culture and Spanish tradition, which is why they are the companions of their father in this new program on homeland gastronomy.

Despite the fact that they initially lived in New York, for years your residence is established in Washington, in the Bethesda area, where her three daughters studied at the exclusive center The Woods Academy, which only admits 320 students each course. Carlota, her eldest daughter, finished her studies last year at the Stern School of Business, at New York University, one of the most valued business schools.

Its great success has allowed the chef to focus his residence in Washington, in a house valued at more than 2 million euros designed by the architect David Jameson that occupy 550 square meters spread over two floors within a plot of more than 2,300 square meters.

The house, which has a large kitchen, could not be expected less, it is in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the American capital, but it was chosen because Tichi wanted to settle in a family area that was close to his daughters’ school, which they wanted them to be able to walk to every day. Now it will be her three daughters who accompany her father on the way to show Spanish gastronomy to the whole world.

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