Josh Jacobs Absolutely Shuts Down ESPN Hosts By Shaming Fancy Left Behind Owners

Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs sparked comments when he trolled fantasy football players ahead of a Week 14 game with the Colts. ESPN’s Matthew Berry highlighted Jacobs during his “Don’t Be This Guy” segment on The Fantasy Show, which prompted another response from the former first-round pick. Jacobs said, “I don’t care” about the review.

The video segment featured Berry talking about Jacobs trolling fancy owners with a post on Instagram Stories that read “SORRY GUYS I’m NOT PLAYING TODAY”. He also said there were several “sexy fantasy owners” and then added a middle finger emoji. Berry said the post was a middle finger for fantasy football players who have supported Jacobs. The analyst said that NFL players “shouldn’t care” about fantasy leagues, but neither should they “insult” fantasy players.

“The same lame – the fantastic players who swear and threaten the players that they have been hurt or been injured. Mfs don’t care about you as a person why tf you think i care about a game [laughing emoji]”Jacobs replied on Twitter.” If anyone has a problem, feel free to resolve it when you see me.

Jacobs continued and delivered a direct message to Berry. “I fw the fans, the people I speak to know who they are. Any fan who has ever met me in real life knows that. I gave the fans time and money. I’m not really trying to hear this story. ” Although Jacobs also blocked the ESPN analyst, preventing him from seeing any of the following messages.

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A former Alabama Crimson Tide player, Jacobs made an immediate impact after entering the NFL as the 24th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. He ran for 1,000 yards as a rookie, becoming the first forward. ball of the Raiders to do so. He also scored seven rushing touchdowns despite missing three games.

After his bumper rookie season, fantasy players and fans alike expected even more production. They proclaimed that Jacobs would be among the best players in the league and once again find success. Many have used first-round virtual picks in their fantastic drafts to select it.

His yards per game have plummeted overall, but he has recorded the top 10 career rushing touchdowns in his first 13 games of the season. Jacobs also won the first Pro Bowl nomination of his career. The former Alabama star could still reach 1,000 yards for the second straight season, starting on Saturday with a battle against the Miami Dolphins.

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