Journal – Nestlé promotes Lisa Gibby to head of communications in Vevey

Lisa Gibby (© Nestlé)

Lisa Gibby will become Deputy Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer and Member of the Executive Board of Nestlé SA in Vevey, Switzerland, effective January 1, 2023. In her new role, Lisa Gibby will lead the company’s corporate communications function, including media relations, public affairs, corporate digital and content, and employee engagement. Gibby has been Head of Global Corporate Communications at Nestlé since July 2020. Previously, she served as Vice President of Corporate Communications for Nestlé’s US operations.

Mark Schneider, CEO of Nestlé, said: “Lisa Gibby has an excellent track record in corporate communications at Nestlé, particularly in expanding digital communications and deepening relationships with our diverse stakeholders. As a strategic and team-oriented leader with unique skills and knowledge, Lisa Gibby will continue to develop our global communications and public affairs activities in support of our business objectives.”

Before joining Nestlé in 2014, Gibby was Director of Global Communications at The One Campaign, a poverty alleviation organization that Bono co-founded. Previously, she held senior communications positions at AOL and HBO, as well as strategic communications firm Robinson, Lerer & Montgomery.

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