joy or annoyance? Millions of doses of vaccines go to waste

by MWGFD member Andreas Diemer

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, there are 151 million doses of Covid vaccine in the federal central warehouse. With an assumed purchase price of around €20, €3 billion was spent on vaccines that are now dozing towards the expiry date. A further 160 million doses of vaccine are also legally ordered, which is estimated to cost an additional €3-4 billion. On the one hand, all of this is the result of Lauterbach’s panic buying.

On the other hand, the fact that the demand for vaccinations has dropped so rapidly is not least due to the tireless educational work of the “vaccination critics” from MWGFD. Many people have now found out for themselves that the “vaccination” causes massive side effects, but at the same time has no recognizable protective effect.

So if we have to decide: to be happy or to be angry, I advocate that we should be happy about the success of our work!

Those: MWGFD

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