Judge Stops Execution of Death Penalty of Lisa Montgomery, the only female death row inmate in the Federation-Guruin.com

Just a few hours before the first woman to face the federal death penalty in nearly seventy years, the murderer Lisa Montgomery (Lisa Montgomery) executed the death sentence, a federal judge temporarily halted the execution late on Monday for mental capacity Review. The date of the hearing was not immediately announced, and the prosecutor has issued a notice to appeal the ruling. Kelley Henry, a 52-year-old Montgomery lawyer, said she suffers from a serious mental illness, which was exacerbated by the sexual torture of her caregiver throughout her life. As part of her appeal, the psychiatrist submitted an affidavit claiming that she could not understand the basis for the execution of the death penalty. Montgomery’s death penalty was originally planned to take place on Tuesday. This was one of three executions scheduled by the Justice Department this week. It occurred in the last few days of Trump’s presidency and a few days before President-elect Joe Biden took office; Biden hinted that he would be suspended. Federal death penalty.

Federal prosecutors said that in December 2004, Montgomery, who was 36 years old at the time living in Kansas, crossed the state line to the home of Bobbie Jo Stinnett in Missouri. The two met at a pet show when Steennet was eight months pregnant. According to court documents, Montgomer strangled Steinnett with a rope and took out the fetus with the kitchen knife she brought from home. The baby girl survived. Montgomery tried to treat the baby girl as her own child, but she was quickly arrested. She was later convicted by the jury and sentenced to death unanimously.

Montgomery was locked up in an all-female federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas, where staff were trained to deal with mental health issues. Her lawyers said it was not that they said she should not be punished, but that the jury never fully understood her serious mental illness diagnosed by the doctor. In a nearly 7,000-page leniency petition submitted to President Donald Trump this month, her lawyer said that her mother’s alcohol problem caused her brain damage at birth, which led to incurable diseases and Severe mental disability. They also described in detail Montgomery’s allegations of physical abuse, rape and torture by his stepfather and others, as well as allegations of being sexually traded by his mother. Montgomery’s sister Diane Mattingly told reporters last week that she had also been sexually abused at home before being sent to foster care. In recent months, she has been calling out loudly that her sister should not be sentenced to death.

The last time the US government executed a female prisoner was in 1953, when Bonnie Brown Heady of Missouri was executed for kidnapping and murdering a young boy in a ransom case. Montgomery was originally scheduled to be executed in December, but the date was postponed. In addition to the execution of Montgomery, two other federal executions will be executed this week. So far, the government has executed 10 people in the past 7 months, equivalent to the largest number of executions in the president’s lame-duck period in more than 130 years.

* Lame-duck period (lame-duck period): Refers to politicians who are still in office even after their successors have been elected. Although the lame ducks have less political influence, they are free to support some unpopular proposals because they do not have the burden of being re-elected.

source:NBC News


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