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Julien Schording is now playing in U19.

Florent Bogard, of the Bouffon Team, is proud to welcome
Julien Schording.
The pitcher must skillfully switch from one hand to the other.

Julien Schording, the young Ancervillois vice-world champion in 2019 paintball, returned to Meuse for his weekly training. Because of health restrictions, it is impossible for him to return to his Parisian club, the RNPPC (Raincy Neuilly Plaisance Paintball-club) every Saturday, where he plays in division 1.

It is therefore the terrain of the Bouffon Team Paintball de Savonnières-en-Perthois which welcomed the young man, on April 10, as every weekend, to allow him to maintain the physical form and technique necessary for the competitions. Indeed Julien Schording, now in the France U19 team, will soon have to face the best international teams on May 8 and 9, at the CPS, in Paris (European championship by series), at the NXL (champions’ cup) from July 16 to 18. , in Birmingham (England), and at the world championships in Chantilly, from September 2 to 5. No question of being locked into the routine and, even if in the provinces the pressure is less, he has a weekly schedule with different modules to respect and which he must report to the national coach, Yann Gennifel, who establishes performance curves. . He also came from Paris to observe his sports preparation because, he says, “You have to repeat the same gesture 3,000 times for it to become instinctive”, especially since some actions are far from natural, such as passing the pitcher from one hand to the other.
Florent Bogard is proud to oversee Julien Schording, whose sporting value, team spirit and simplicity he recognizes. This pillar of the Bouffon Team, created in 1993, regularly practices paintball with a dozen other forties and their team participated in the competitions of the Champagne-Ardenne league and the French championship until the stoppage in March 2020 After a break of a few years, the club is opening up to new members and around fourteen young people aged 9 to 16 will soon reform teams, with selection as their objective. “We have to develop the automatisms, specifies Florent Bogard, on the field but also for the breaks between matches because the players only have two minutes, we must therefore be very organized. ” The Bouffons favor the pleasure of playing together and do not take each other very seriously, which is illustrated by the motto displayed on their bibs “PouFouDa” (rotten, screwed up in advance).
The rain was invited this Saturday but nothing can stop Julien Schording, only the storm and the strong wind have the power to stop his training. The 100% gelatin and biodegradable paintballs burst, ejected by Julien Schording’s “old” launcher who is imminently awaiting the CS2 Pro Eclipse (a very high-end paintball launcher) offered by the City of Saint -Dizier. Enough to reach the summits while respecting the RNPPC slogan, “lucid, valiant, we will win”. In addition, the young man appeals for the generosity of sponsors to help him finance his equipment and his travels, complete sports file in support.

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Posted on 04-13-2021 at 11:00 a.m.

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