Julio Urías cannot get the victory, but manages to maintain the peak of effectiveness

THE ANGELS._ Julio Urías from Sinaloa he could not get another win, but in exchange, he managed to continue as the ERA leader of the National Leaguewhile Mookie Betts was in charge of defining the match in the ninth inning by connecting the RBI single of the race that gave the Los Angeles Dodgers a 3-2 win over the Diamondbacks de Arizona.

Uriah was looking for his 18th victory, but was involved in a duel where his counterpart Zac Gallen kept up with him. In the end, they both left without credit.

The lefty of The Higuerita He pitched for 5.1 innings, allowing three hits and one run, in addition to striking out five opponents.

In this way, the chances of Urías repeating the season with 20 or more wins were practically vanished.

However, the Californians once again demonstrated that muscle that has them as favorites to win the World Seriesafter coming back in the ninth inning, which they lost 2-1.

However, hit shot by Max Muncy and another unstoppable from the emergent Mookie Betts they sentenced the somersault.

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