Jumping worm plague is reported in Illinois, is capable of removing nutrients from the soil | Univision Chicago WGBO

an invasive species of jumping worms capable of stripping soil of nutrients reported to have reached Illinois.

these worms, originating from East Asia, are bright gray or brown with a white band and, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, they are agitated and can jump up to a foot in the air.

The most worrying thing about these pests is that also gobble up nutrients from the soil, making it incapable of supporting trees or plants, and according to some scientists could slowly destroy entire forests.

What experts fear for the presence of jumping worm

There is also concern that the invasive species of jumping worms ends up in plants that are sold in nurseries and then end up in home gardens and local parks.

Illinois is one of 34 states with jumping worms and have already been detected in 40 Illinois counties, including Cook, DuPage, Kane, McHenry and Will, according to the University of Illinois.

What to do if you see a jumping worm

In this situation, in case you see one of the jumping wormsyou are asked to take a picture of them and send it to your local University of Illinois Extension office.

Because jumping worms’ tails separate from their bodies when they try to capture them, experts say the best way to dispose of them is to seal them in a plastic bag and then throw it away.

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