Juventus, from the sale to the ‘delayed’ exchange: the idea that tempts Allegri

One of the outgoing players could favor Juventus with a ‘delayed’ summer swap: the name that rekindles Allegri’s interest

From today, it’s serious again. The big day of the restart of the championship has arrived, the A league it reopens its doors exactly 52 days later. Teams on the pitch, discovering the unknowns of a recovery after an unprecedented stop.

Massimiliano Allegri © LaPresse

Among the most awaited teams, of course, the Juventus, called to a 2023 in which she will have to redeem the previous year, characterized by too many ups and downs, and respond to what is happening off the pitch. Maximilian Allegri and the bianconeri will be on stage at 18.30 at della Cremona. For the coach from Livorno, a challenge to be won absolutely to lengthen the winning streak and try to stay in the lead group, even if having to deal once again with numerous absences. While awaiting everyone’s complete recovery, Allegri will try to rely on the squad he found in the month before the break, waiting, who knows, for some interesting developments from the market. Although at the moment it is difficult to hypothesize large incoming movements. But interesting news could instead come from the exit chapter: one of these can herald a sudden flashback in view of the summer.

Juventus, Aston Villa advances for McKennie: and Allegri thinks back to the old ball, but a formula is needed for the summer

With the right offer, you know, Weston McKennie can leave. The US midfielder has already been probed since Bournemouth, destination that did not warm it. He would also be tryingAston Villabut even the Birmingham team, for the moment, would not fully convince the American, who would like to return to Bundesliga. Juventus, however, would be pushed to ‘cheer’ for the Aston Villa hypothesis, for one reason in particular.

Juventus, from the sale to the 'delayed' exchange: the idea that tempts Allegri
Weston McKennie © LaPresse

In fact, with the ‘Villans’, an exchange could be made for Douglas Luiz, who had been a black and white target in the summer. Juventus had probed Douglas Luiz in the last days of August, before sinking for Paredes, as told by Calciomercato.it. However, the Brazilian midfielder could not arrive in Turin immediately, as he no longer has the black and white slots available for non-EU players. The operation could therefore take place ‘delayed’, leaving Douglas Luiz in Birmingham until June. In this way, moreover, one would already find a replacement for Paredesdestined not to be redeemed and to return to Paris.

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