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Kaneko (left), Matsutomo-gumi = Birmingham (AP), who are pleased to decide to advance to the final in mixed doubles[Expansion]

On the 4th day of the British Open Badminton, various semi-finals will be held in Birmingham, England, and the finals of the 3rd doubles will be all Japanese confrontations. Sugi Blue), Wakana Nagahara, and Mayu Matsumoto (Hokuto Bank) will play against each other.

For the boys, the previous champions Hiroyuki Endo, Yuta Watanabe (Nihon Unisys) and Keigo Sonoda, Takeshi Kamura (Tonami Transport), Watanabe, Arisa Higashino and Yuki Kaneko, Misaki Matsutomo (both Nihon Unisys) won. It went up. Women’s singles Nozomi Okuhara (Taiyo Holdings) also decided to advance to the final, aiming to win the championship since the 2016 tournament.

Kaneko and Matsutomo, who are 23rd in the mixed doubles world ranking, defeated the superior Malaysian pair in a straight line with 7th. The second game turned over from a big lead of 4-16, and Kaneko nodded, “I was separated by 10 points or more, but the feeling that I did not give up until the end led to a reversal.”

Matsutomo, a gold medalist at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics in women’s doubles, has moved to mixed doubles since last fall. He reached the final on the international stage of the restart and said, “I want to finish our play to the end.” (Joint)


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