Kansas City Chiefs out: Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals play for Super Bowl

The Los Angeles Rams made it into the Super Bowl in their own stadium and surprisingly meet the Cincinnati Bengals in two weeks. Outsider Cincinnati defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday (local time) 27:24 after overtime and prevented the favorite from the third Super Bowl appearance in a row. The Rams then beat the San Francisco 49ers 20:17 and, like last year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get the chance to win the championship in their own stadium. Before the Bucs’ victory around quarterback Tom Brady, no team had ever played a Super Bowl in their own stadium.


“It was an unbelievable performance by our team. We said in the dressing room that we’re not going to lose this game,” Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford told Fox TV. He had just switched from the Detroit Lions to the Rams before the season. For the Rams, it is the first Super Bowl participation since the defeat against the New England Patriots in February 2019. The Rams – at that time as St. Louis Rams – won the only Super Bowl so far at the end of January 2000 by beating them 23:16 Tennessee Titans. The Bengals have never won the championship and were last in the Super Bowl 33 years ago.

For the Franconian Mark Nzeocha, the dream of a second Super Bowl participation has burst for the time being. The 32-year-old was part of the team that lost to the Chiefs back in 2020. The Rams were now 17:7 behind and had a hard time against the guests from northern California. But the team worked back and took the lead with a field goal 109 seconds from time. An interception by the 49ers 30 seconds later sealed the hosts’ victory and the NFC title.

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