Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes becomes an icon in Fortnite

Whereas the dragon ball event in full swing, Epic Games has just announced the arrival of one of the best NFL players in Fortnite.

Featured Image: Epic Games

Indeed, after Naomi Okasa, Chica, Ninja, Marshmello, or the British youtuber Ali-A, the Epic Games teams have announced that as part of the Icons series, created in January 2020, one of the best players of the NFL, namely Patrick Mahomes, would be entering Fortnite on August 25th.

“To win, you have to have the spirit of the gladiator. Or be a gladiator. This is how Epic Games presents the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Several outfits and accessories

Thus, the American player arrives in Fortnite with two outfits, Patrick Mahomes and Mahomes sauced. The first will come with two alternate styles in addition to the default practice-ready style.

  • The Gladiator Spirit style: sunglasses on the nose and reinforced arm.
  • Offensive Gladiator Style: Don’t be afraid of the sack or the tackle.

Of course, for the outfit to be complete, Epic Games offers accessories.

  • Gladiator’s Gadget Back Bling: Gear up for battle. (Included with the Patrick Mahomes outfit.)
  • The Blushing Axes pickaxe: reserved for experts. (Glows red when shaken!)
  • The Elite in-goal covering: equipment for your equipment.
  • The Emote Let’s Play: Back on the field.

Finally, regarding the Sautéed Mahomes outfit, it includes the Super Sauce back bling.

While both outfits will be available in the Item Shop on August 25, for those who don’t want to wait, the Patrick Mahomes outfit can be earned during the Patrick Mahomes Cup taking place on August 23.

The Patrick Mahomes Cup

This tournament should please more than one player, because it will take place on the Zero construction mode and in teams. In addition, it will also be possible to obtain the Gladiator’s Gadget back bling in early access.

For this, it will be necessary to obtain the most points possible in a maximum of ten games within the time window of approximately three hours.

In order to win the Patrick Mahomes outfit as well as the Gladiator Gadget back bling, you will have to be between the 1st position and the 325th for the North America East region, and between the 1st position and the 125th for the Northwestern American region. In addition, regardless of the region and the ranking, once 8 points have been earned, the Secret Sauce emoticon will be offered.

Point system

Regarding the point system, each elimination will earn 1 point in addition to those obtained thanks to the position in the ranking.

  • Victory Royale: 30 points
  • 2e : 24 points
  • 3e : 21 points
  • 4e: 19 points
  • 5e : 17 points
  • 6e : 15 points
  • 7e : 14 points
  • 8e : 13 points
  • 9e : 12 points
  • 10e  11 points
  • 11e : 10 points
  • 12e : 9 points
  • 13e : 8 points
  • 14e : 7 points
  • 15e : 6 points
  • 16e : 5 points
  • 17e : 4 points
  • 18e : 3 points
  • 19e : 2 points
  • 20 : 1 point

It is important to remember that it will not be possible to exchange, sell or even offer a reward obtained during the event to another player. For further information on the official rules, Epic Games revealed it directly on son site.

Of course, to participate in the Patrick Mahomes Cup, players must have activated 2FA, have an account of minimum level 50, be at least 13 years old, without forgetting to respect the Fortnite User License Agreement .

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