Kansas City Southern de México will invest more than 120 million dollars in 2022

After completing 25 years of operation in the country, Kansas City Southern (KCSM) confirmed a investment for more than 120 million dollars for him development and conclusion of different railway infrastructure projects.

At this time, the company has managed to strengthen the freight railway network that it has in concessionwhich has had a positive impact on the economic development of Mexico and has helped increase cross-border trade, a pillar of hundreds of companies in the country.

The investment you have made KCSM in this period is higher than 4.4 billion dollarsresources that have been invested in the construction of new railway infrastructure and its maintenance, in technology and processes to have a smoother and safer transport corridor that has been contributing to regional growth.

Twenty-five years after winning the concession for 4,215 km of freight railroad tracks that cross 15 states in the country, the committed work of KCSM It has contributed to the fact that the participation of the railway sector in the Mexican cargo transport system has gone from 12% of the total cargo moved in 1997 to 26% of all the cargo currently transported in the country. That is why freight rail continues to be the backbone of the industry in Mexico, says Oscar Del Cueto, president of KCSM.

“KCSM’s objective in the short and medium term is to continue strengthening its rail network to offer better opportunities for international and cross-border trade, with an extension of connectivity to ports and interior terminals, more so now with the integration into the network of the Canadian Pacific”, says Del Cueto.

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At the end of 2021, the signing of the agreement for the merger of Canadian Pacific y Kansas City Southernthis commercial unification is one of the largest in the sector and represents a great opportunity for Mexico and cross-border trade with its main trading partners.

The company born from the merger, identified as CP-KCwill conform the first rail network connecting the United States, Mexico, and Canada in a direct lineseamless, benefiting from the regulatory framework of the T-MEC.

In 1997, at the beginning of the concession, in the Laredo International Bridge KCSM used to cross between 12 and 14 daily trains. Today, between 30 and 32 trains cross the international border daily, with an international crew that allows for a more agile service.

The average length of KCSM trains has increased significantly, in 1997 averaging between 55 and 60 cars per train. Now they move long trains with up to 120 cars. This has made it possible to offer new services, for example, for the automotive sector and for the safe transportation of hydrocarbons.

The gauge of the rail in the network of KCSM has also increased. When they took over the concession, most of the rails were 90 pound plated and today most of the system is 136 pound welded rail. This allows larger trains to move at higher speeds, which improves the fluidity of the system and allows for better service.

In the last year, among the investment projects that KCSM The one in Nuevo Laredo was carried out, where the capacity of the Patio Sánchez was expanded, the most modern operating patio in recent years. This makes it possible to increase operational capacity and reduce the time spent in the terminal for cross-border trains.

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In MonterreySeveral works were carried out in order to add capacity to the terminal and to the Matamoros route and thus increase flow to the Port of Brownsville, Texas.

In San Luis Potosi It was invested to improve the capacity of the network, automation and signaling, in addition to the construction of an automotive yard.

In the Port of Veracruzin which it recently started operations directly, KCSM seeks greater efficiency for the benefit of intermodal and automotive customers, by serving them directly.

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