Kassian Trade to Arizona

Zack Kassian was traded to Arizona in the 2022 NHL draft. The Oilers also give up their first-round pick, as well as a 3rd rounder 2024 and a 2nd rounder 2025, in exchange for the #32 first-round pick from the current draft.

First of all, that sounds weird. Normally you get an equivalent value back in a trade and don’t add to it! But this case is different.

Zack Kassian was actively offered by the Oilers leading up to the draft. He earns $3.2 million each for 2 more years; quite a lot for a 3rd/4th Series forward who is also often injured and/or undisciplined. Neither team wanted to give the Oilers anything in return.

So the Oilers had to step up their game to get Kassian off the payroll. Arizona then bit into a team that is in the process of being rebuilt and can therefore handle both the salary and the additional picks.

All in all, this trade is definitely a very good thing for the Oilers! You have gained 3.2 million capspace and you don’t have to buy out Kassian or take over any salary shares. Dropping just 3 positions in the draft (from 29 to 32) and still being able to pick a good talent in the 1st round is powerful. The two draft picks from 2024 and 2025 do not (yet) hurt either, because ideally they are late picks around position 60 and 90.

Zack Kassian has 144 points and 597 penalty minutes in 412 regular season games and 37 playoff games for the Edmonton Oilers. He was a key factor in reviving the Battle of Alberta.

Thank you for your commitment over the past seven years!

A final sentence about Ken Holland: In US sports you don’t often see a GM admitting or correcting his own mistake. Holland had given Zack Kassian this expensive and long contract and now pulled the emergency brake without causing any real damage. Hats off!

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