Kate Middleton’s “recipe” for slimness, which every woman will need

Many consider Kate Middleton the standard of femininity and beauty. And this is not surprising, because the wife of the heir to the British throne at the age of 40 looks unsurpassed. “Spectatorship” with reference to Mirror shares with you the “recipe” for the slimness of the mother of three children, which every beauty will need.

It should be noted that Kate Middleton does not like a lot of variety in her diet. She regularly follows a diet of fruits and vegetables and prefers a simple but balanced breakfast.

Every morning, the Princess of Wales eats oatmeal, followed by a kale, spinach and spirulina smoothie. For lunch, Kate Middleton prefers a watermelon salad with feta, avocado and cucumber. Sometimes the princess chooses a vegetable kebab, but this happens very rarely.

Kate Middleton’s favorite dinner is lentil curry. Rumor has it that this dish fell in love with her since pregnancy.

The Princess of Wales supports the harmony and health of her body with fitness, yoga and strength training. It is known that Kate was fond of sports since school days. She was even the captain of the women’s field hockey team.

We will remind, earlier “Divoglyad” told what a simple exercise helps Kate Middleton to keep a slim figure.

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