Katia Castorena receives a brutal blow from a Kansas City Chiefs player

The reporter and ESPN journalist, Katia Castorenareceived a brutal blow from one of the players of the Kansas City Chiefs last Saturday January 7th.

Katia Castorena was in full transmission when she was run over by Kadarius Toneywide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs who was warming up before facing Las Vegas Raiders.

La r33-year-old eportera of age was in a link to the NFL Live table when Toney crashed into it after receiving a pass to the band where he was.

Castorena was not injured after the impact, and even shared the video of what happened through her official accounts with the message “All good.”

The NFL It is usually one of the sports in which one runs the most risks, not only when practicing it, but also those in charge of reporting the actions of the matches have put themselves in danger on more than one occasion.

Kansas City Chiefs Clinch AFC’s No. 1 Seed After Beating Las Vegas Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs took the top seed in the american conference (AFC) after ‘beating’ the Las Vegas Raiders 31-13 on Saturday, January 7.

Patrick Mahomes and company had no mercy against some Raiders who came to the game thinking about the next season after a terrible performance in the current campaign.

Mahomes finished the game with discrete numbers (202 yds. and a TD) but ended up being crowned the leader in area yards of the season with 5,250.

the squad of Andy Reid will expect a rival after the games of the wild card roundlooking to get his second NFL ring with the organization.

NFL: This is how the AFC playoffs will be played

  • Wild Card Round
  • Buffalo Bills (2) vs (7) Miami Dolphins
  • Cincinnati Bengals (3) vs (6) Baltimore Ravens
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (4) vs (5) Los Angeles Chargers

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