Katir and Mariano García take the podium in Madrid

Katir and Mariano García take the podium in Madrid

The participation of Murcian athletics in the Spanish Indoor Championships in Madrid closed with the bronze medal from the Fuentealamero Mariano García in the 800-meter dash and the silver of Mohamed Katir in the 3,000-meter dash. It was not a good day for the Murcian, who was relegated to the last place after the group after the start and who later had to come back in a test with many pushes, where his reaction was cut off on several occasions, a fact that caused that You will reach the last 200 meters behind Álvaro de Arriba, European champion, has been the winner with 1: 47.91, his best personal record of the season, being the second place for Pablo Sánchez-Valladares, with 1: 48.36, and the third for Mariano García, with 1: 48.51. Even the Murcian was about to lose the bronze, but he has managed to hold the position before the final attack of Alberto Guerrero.

For his part, Muleño Mohamed Katir was proclaimed runner-up in Spain in the 3,000-meter dash on the indoor track in the championship held in Madrid. The Murcian, who arrived with the best mark of all the participants, was overtaken in the final stage by Adel Mechaal, European indoor champion at the Belgrade European Championship and fifth at the Birmingham 2018 World Cup, who achieved a record of 8: 20.17. Katir, meanwhile, finished with 8: 22.14, with Gonzalo García being third, with 8: 22.96.

Katir’s silver joined the two medals already won by other Murcian athletes on the previous day. Shot putter Úrsula Ruiz Pérez was runner-up, while Aljucer sprinter Sergio López Barranco finished third in the 60-meter dash. Úrsula Ruiz Pérez saw her streak of ten consecutive indoor titles truncated, although she still remained on the podium. The veteran athlete made a best throw of 16.24 meters, surpassed by María Belén Toimil from Leon, with 17.81 meters. For his part, Sergio López, from Nutribán Sociedad Atlética Alcantarilla, after being the best in his 60-meter semifinal, was third in a very close race, where the winner, Daniel Rodríguez, from Playas de Castellón, set a time of 6.67 .

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