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MultiCool heat pump and heat pump air conditioners to ensure that your costs remain low!

The new regulation is here! Killed! – the heat pump and the heat pump air conditioner are definitely the cheapest heating in Hungary from now on!

With MultiCool heat pumps and heat pump air conditioning equipment, heating can be up to 8 times, yes, eight times cheaper.

Nowadays, the release of energy prices is a serious headache for many of us.

Multiker T&F Kft. works continuously to offer the most economical heating solutions to its customers.

MultiCool Heat pump air conditioners and heat pumps are the most economical solution today.

But before we get to the benefits, it’s worth dispelling the misinformation and misconceptions circulating in the media and on the Internet. Unprecedented stupidity, i.e. information that mobile phone chargers must be unplugged, and of course the air conditioner as well. Just for the record, a mobile phone charger (when it’s not charging the phone, it’s just plugged in) consumes as much in about 100 days as an average LED TV during 1 hour of TV viewing, of course we’re not saying that you shouldn’t unplug them when not in use. The more serious disinformation is when the media talks about climate consumption. Today’s high-quality 3.5 kW air conditioning equipment (air/air heat pump), in a well-insulated room, should be used for cooling or heating at a price of HUF 36/kW per hour, on average HUF 5/hour. So in 24 hours approx. 120 HUF.

In the example above, it is assumed that the outside temperature is at least below minus 3 Celsius throughout the day. According to my own experience, 6 split air conditioners heat our family house, and a heat pump produces domestic hot water, and we heat all of this for HUF 5,000 per month. The truth is that they are operated with “H” tariff electricity (discounted heat pump tariff from October 15 to April 15).

All MultiCool air conditioners in our range are capable of inverter cooling/heating and “H” tariff.

If you want a real, permanent overhead reduction, please contact us.

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