Kodak Black arrested in Florida

This time the rapper may not get away with it…

It was believed that Kodak Black was doing a little better since being released from prison, or at least, that he had stopped much of his nonsense which took him to prison once or twice a year since the beginning of his career. Unfortunately, this is not the case: the rapper is this time released from prison a little changed, as if traumatizedwith a borderline behavior although he continues to make good music. He had even shot in Februaryduring an after party after the SuperBowl.

This time the rapper may not get out of it, since he has arrested again by Florida police. According to TMZ, Kodak Black was in a Dodge Durango whose windows were apparently too tinted, according to police. Once they have pulled the rapper out of the vehiclethe authorities have found marijuanathen resulting in a full search of the vehicle. Race results: 31 Oxycodone pills (opioid) et almost 75,000 dollars in cash. The car’s license plates and driver’s license are also invalid, according to police.

Kodak Black was transported to Borward County Penitentiary and charged with drug trafficking, in view of the sums found and the number of pills. Back in prison awaiting trial, therefore, for the rapper from Florida, who is risking a lot after his multiple legal troubles in the past. Without the intervention of Donald Trumpthe rapper might still be in prison…

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