Krasnodar figure skaters will perform at the fourth stage of the Russian Cup in synchronized skating

Video channel “Kuban 24”

The Symphony team from Krasnodar will go to Yoshkar-Ola. The competition will start on January 13th.

There are no jumps in this type of figure skating. Athletes need to show the audience the image on the ice.

“There is no image as such, but we can say that we show despair. Because the song is about despair and love,” said Eva Vodyanskaya, a participant in the Russian Cup stage.

The Symphony team is training at the Ice Palace in Krasnodar. Mentor Irina Prokhorova brought synchronized skating to the Kuban from her native Lipetsk in 2015, and 30 years ago she stood at the origins of the development of this sport in Russia. In November, Krasnodar figure skaters won bronze at the first stage of the Cup in Moscow.

“We have a lot of starts, at least six per season. This is a criterion for obtaining a category, ”said Daria Razdobreeva, a participant in the Russian Cup stage.

At the previous stage of the Cup in Togliatti in December, Krasnodar did not get to the medals, but scored a lot of credits. This is important for the selection for the spring championship of the country in Saransk.

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