Kremlin media appropriated the achievements of the Queen of Russia

On Tuesday, January 12, the Russian media on Twitter wrote about the 114th birthday anniversary of the outstanding Ukrainian rocket engineer Sergei Korolev. Because of this, a serious conflict broke out on the social network.

The Osvitnya Asamblya community noted on the Facebook social network that Korolev is not considered the Russian or Soviet father of cosmonautics, since he was born and worked in Ukraine. Moreover, in the publication, Russia was accused of another appropriation of the achievements of the Ukrainians.

“The Russian Federation continues to appropriate the achievements of the Ukrainians! They write that Sergei Korolev, the father of cosmonautics, is a” legendary Soviet engineer. “He is legendary, but he is Ukrainian! It was a Ukrainian who made space attainable! Korolev was born in Zhitomir. He grew up, studied and worked in Ukraine. And the scoop arrested him, tortured him and almost killed him, “the message says.

screenshot of tweet

screenshot from social network

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