Ksenia Sobchak made fun of Alena Shishkova for her love of Photoshop

21:38, 01.01.2021

The TV presenter compared the photos of the model with and without filters.

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Ksenia Sobchak is known for not going into her pocket for words. Last year, the TV personality actively followed what was happening not only in the country and the world, but also in the domestic show business. So, the other day, the journalist publicly ridiculed the young wife of humorist Yevgeny Petrosyan. And in early 2021, Sobchak became interested in the second vice-miss of Russia in 2012, Alena Shishkova.

Ksenia knows very well that public figures use photoshop or filters before posting photos on social networks. Therefore, when she saw the raw pictures of Timati’s former lover and the mother of his daughter Alice, Sobchak did not disregard this. Alena met New Year’s Eve in the company of star friends. Together with her daughter, she came to Philip Kirkorov and his children Alla Victoria and Martin. Also at the holiday were Grigory Leps, Dzhigan and Timati with their mother.

Alena Shishkova with her daughter and Philip Kirkorov

Simona Yunusova and shared family photos in which the former failed daughter-in-law appeared without processing. Sobchak saw the pictures of Shishkova from the holiday and compared her with those that the model posts on her microblog on Instagram. “We all look a little different today than in the usual selfies. But okay, on January 1, “- Ksenia commented on Alena’s photos in her Telegram channel (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. row.).

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Alena Shishkova

Note that Ksenia herself is not afraid to laugh at herself. The TV presenter knows perfectly well what is being said behind her back. She repeatedly stressed that she did not consider herself a beauty, but noted that she had other virtues, for example, intelligence. Sobchak is all right with self-irony. For example, on the birthday of Plato’s 4-year-old son, she changed into a donkey costume from The Bremen Town Musicians and sang one of the songs that was in the cartoon. After Ksenia turned to her son with the question: “Is it a mother or a horse?” Thus, Sobchak made it clear that she knows what the ill-wishers call her. A sincere child replied to his mother that she looked like a horse, which made the guests laugh.

Ksenia Sobchak

By the way, the face of Alena Shishkova attracted attention before. So, the former participant of the television project “Dom-2” Victoria Bonya said that the model is injecting fillers in the face, so it turns out more than it is. “The effect of them will be only temporary, and then at 27 you will look like Alena Shishkova, with a bloated face and unnatural facial expressions! When I recently saw her photo, I simply did not recognize the once young beauty. It’s time to stop, girls! After all, one day you will be 40 and all these volumes will sag so that it will be scary to look in the mirror, ”the reality TV star discussed Alena’s appearance.

Victoria Bonya

The ex-girlfriend Timati did not disregard this remark and reacted sharply to it, saying that Bonya could not do without various cosmetic procedures, which she prefers to keep silent about. “It seems to me that if a woman advertises blood serum and regularly takes illegal substances, this indicates a mental disorder. By the way, I don’t have fillers in my cheekbones, there is 0.5 in my lips for moisturizing. And yet, I believe that before a person starts a conversation about naturalness, he must pull out of himself: veneers, false hair, fillers, implants, botox, etc. “, – cut off Shishkova in her microblog on Instagram.

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Recall that Alena and Timati were together until 2014. The rapper left the model almost immediately after the birth of their daughter Alice, but continued to maintain friendly relations with her. Former lovers celebrate the holidays together. After parting with Shishkova, Timati began dating the first vice-miss Russia 2014, Anastasia Reshetova. In the fall of 2019, their son Ratmir was born, and in September 2020, the former lovers announced their separation.

Anastasia Reshetova and Timati with her son

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