La Jornada – Containers are removed from the Arizona-Mexico border

Phoenix. The containers placed by former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey on the border with Mexico have been largely removed at a time when there is a new Democratic government, at a cost of tens of millions of dollars in just a few months in which they were placed. and removed again.

Removing the massive red, gold and blue steel containers is creating an extreme visual change in affected sections of the southern Arizona landscape, after new Governor Katie Hobbs took over and invested another $76 million of state funds to remove them , which are added to the 95 million it cost to install them.

Ducey, a Republican, had said the containers, placed in a border gap near the western community of Yuma and along a grassy valley in eastern Arizona’s Cochise County, were a temporary measure until the president’s administration Joe Biden took over the construction of a permanent wall to secure the border.

Hobbs was inaugurated this week and is one of the Democrats who called it a political stunt.

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