La Jornada – Indiana woman, first sentenced for assault on Capitol

Washington. An Indiana woman on Wednesday became the first defendant to be sentenced for the January 6 insurrection in the United States Capitol, but will not spend time behind bars, while a member of the extremist group Oath Keepers pleaded guilty to conspiracy and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, representing a breakthrough in the investigation.

The two events indicate that prosecutions against those accused of the assault are moving forward, even as the federal Justice Department and the court in Washington, DC, battle under the burden of approximately 500 federal arrests nationwide. And they come as Republicans in Washington try to downplay the violence committed by the mob of supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Graydon Young, who was charged along with 15 other Oath Keepers members and associates of conspiring to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory in Congress, pleaded guilty to two counts: conspiracy and obstruction of official proceeding. It was the first guilty plea in the conspiracy case brought against members of the group.

The second count contemplates a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, but federal judge Amit Mehta said federal sentencing standards stipulate that Young, 55, serve between 5 1/4 years and 6 1/2 years after the bars. Prosecutors could ask for even less time in exchange for their cooperation against other defendants.

Young, of Englewood, Florida, was arrested in February and indicted in the process that accuses members of Oath Keepers of going to Washington prepared to use violence and trying to stop the certification of the vote. Authorities indicated in official documents that Young joined the group’s Florida division in December and was “seeking to get involved to help …”

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Indiana woman Anna Morgan Lloyd, 49, was ordered by a federal judge to serve three years of probation, perform 120 hours of community service and pay $ 500 in compensation after admitting to having entered the Capitol illegally. He was pleaded guilty to a single count of a misdemeanor under a settlement with prosecutors.

After the riot, Lloyd described January 6 on Facebook as “the best day ever.”

On Wednesday he apologized to the court, his family and “the American people”, saying that that day he went to Washington to peacefully show his support for Trump.

“I am ashamed that that day turned into a savage display of violence. And I would never have been there if I had an idea that it was going to end like this, ”Lloyd told the judge. “It was never my intention to be a part of something that is so shameful to our American people.”


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