La Nación / Confirm oral trial for military for drug trafficking for cocaine seized in Chaco barracks

The criminal judge of Guarantees Lici Sánchez raised to oral and public trial the criminal process of five defendants for crimes related to Law No. 1,340 and contraband that has to do with trying to traffic chemical precursors for the production of cocaine seized in the Fortín military detachment Gabino Mendoza (Chaco). The resolution of the aforementioned magistrate was announced after the preliminary hearing held at the Palace of Justice.

Gustavo Cáceres Álvarez, Paulina León Herrera and Patricia Toco Delgadillo, both Bolivian nationals, are accused in this criminal proceeding. While the soldiers Alberto Ramón Martínez and Alcides Ramón Hermosa are accused as co-authors.

Now the Sentencing Court must be drawn, which will be in charge of judging the accused. Likewise, the date for the development of the oral hearing must be set, which will be already in the year 2023, respectively.

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According to the investigation of the Public Ministry, on August 2, 2021 at 2:40 p.m., the citizens Gustavo Cáceres, Patricia Toco Delgadillo and Paulina León Herrera inside the premises of the Gabino Mendoza military barracks were in possession of 10 colored drums green containing inside hydrochloric acid, a controlled substance.

It was possible to reach those responsible for the shipment thanks to intelligence work that was carried out with the collaboration of several people who provided information to the Senad, which carried out the procedure, arresting the accused. Regarding the soldiers, Martínez and Hermosa would have participated in guarding the truck that was parked at the military detachment.

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