La Nación / Delinquents won about G. 60 million

During the day on Tuesday, a group of criminals assaulted a money changer and took some 60 million guaraníes. The man was on his way to his workplace in the Puerto Falcón area when he was intercepted by these people. So far the identities of the criminals are unknown. It all happened in the roundabout area when the man was traveling in his black van-type vehicle and was intercepted by another vehicle, from which four heavily armed men got out and summoned the money changer to hand over the money he was carrying. Everything was recorded in security camera images with which they seek to identify the criminals.

“They took some 60 million guaraníes in different currencies such as dollars, Argentine pesos, reales, among others. Everything happened when he arrived at the viaduct on the way to Puente Remanso, where he was intercepted by the criminals who were heavily armed, “said the officer Éver Oviedo in an interview with channel Thirteen.

He stressed that the criminals knew the man’s movements very well, in addition to the fact that they had apparently been following him and when they arrived at a place with less crowd they went down and asked him to hand over a wallet in which he had all the money. When they got what they wanted, they got into the vehicle where a driver was waiting for them and fled. It should be noted that the case is being investigated by agents of the National Police Investigation Department, who have already exhibited records of people with criminal records to see if the victim can recognize them. Likewise, they have already accessed more images from other cameras.

Through a security video, a woman was discovered who entered to rob a commercial premises in the city of Limpio; The seriousness of the case is that she was with her one-year-old baby in her arms while she committed the robbery. The woman was arrested and claimed that she is addicted, she has a criminal record and that she goes out to steal because no one gives her the opportunity to work.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night in the place known as the Jardín de los Pollos, which is located on General Aquino Avenue in that city. In images captured by security cameras, you can see how the woman enters the business because the bars were open, since hours before other criminals entered to steal.

The woman took advantage of the situation and raised several objects such as a pack of beers, soft drinks, chickens, among other products. “It is a place that had already been entered, I was collecting cans and I entered with my daughter, I do not deny that. But I only took out a pack of beers and soft drinks, I did not take anything else as they are saying, in the images that looks good, ”explained the detainee on C9N.

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