Lael Rides Alaska – Rookies

Ah Lael Wilcox! What an incredible woman. Since I became interested in bikepacking and those who are the headliners, Lael is one of the first names that comes up most often … By launching Les Rookies we were already sharing this fantastic movie “I just want to ride”is to tell you how much we love and follow the cyclist.

This time, Lael returns to our small screens (mobile, tablet, connected television, Home cinema in your 400m2 house ……. 😭) with “Lael ride Alaska”, a film where she finds herself on the road to relive an adventure she had already experienced in 2017: Crossing Alaska. This time, it is accompanied by Rugile Kaladyte (who will make this documentary) that she sets out again on the 7,200 kilometers of tracks and with a noble idea in mind.

We don’t say more, go for a 17-minute bikepacking adventure alongside him.

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