Lake City, in the state of Colorado, hides an impressive frozen marine universe

At first glance, it looks like a forest trapped under the ice, but the reality is different. It’s about a lago that has been completely frozen.

Lake City, in the state of Colorado, hides an impressive marine universe, which can be clearly seen because the ice cap is very thin. Also, what makes this ice so transparent is that there are hardly any air bubbles in the water.

The curious thing about this lake is that it disappears in a short time. One day it can become a glacial and the next day it can return to its natural state.

Laura Kottlowski has shared this wonder of nature in a video in which you can see how she carefully skates on the ice so as not to break it.

The most impressive frozen lakes

In Europe, we have to travel to Holland to see the lake Paterswoldsemeer. It is preferable to visit it in the middle of winter. Without leaving Europe, in Italy, is found the Braies lake, one of the most visited and like the Paterswoldsemeer, the best time to go is between the winter months of December to March.

In Canada is he Lago Ontario, one of the 5 great lakes of North America that reaches an area of ​​just under 20,000 square kilometers. Also in the United States is the lake michigan with more than 57,000 square kilometers of surface, which when winter arrives remains frozen. The temperatures In this place you can register the -30ºC.

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