Lakeland Financial Corp.: with momentum from overall market could continue higher! ()

Fears of inflation are driving shareholders to value stocks! US Regional Bank Lakeland Financial (LKFN) Stock Shows Relative Strength!

Symbol: LKFN RAY: US5116561003

Trend analysis based on 6 months

Review: The share was able to record a gain of around 22.5 percent in the past six months. Even in the turbulence of the last few days, it showed relative strength compared to the overall market. With a turnaround Tuesday on the US stock exchanges, Lakeland Financial would be a possible long candidate.

Chart as of 02/14/2022 – basis daily, 6 months – price: 81.20 USD

My expert opinion on LKFN

Opinion: In the last quarterly figures, the regional bank just missed the expectations of the analysts. In a comparison over several years, the bank from Decatur in Alabama proves to be an intrinsic value, which could be a buying argument for many investors given the persistent fears of inflation.


Possible setup: A buy-signal would be crossing the resistance line. The stop loss can be placed below the last two daily candles. We are aiming for the pivot high of January 18 as a price target. The next quarterly figures will be available on April 26th, so that a long-running trade would also be possible. Every trading day there are cool setups in the Traders Live Chat bei


Author: Thomas Canali holds no positions in LKFN.

Release date: 02/14/2022

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