Lana Del Rey accused of discriminating against colored people over the cover of her new album

American singer Lana Del Rey has been accused of discriminating against people of color because of the cover art for her upcoming album Chemtrails Over the Country Club, which the artist published on his Instagram on January 11.

On the cover, Lana is captured surrounded by her, as it turned out later, close friends, among whom there was not a single black girl. The singer’s subscribers, who did not know about the principle of choosing models for photography, condemned the absence of various faces on it.

Because of this, Del Rey had to explain himself to the fans. “It was not intentional, my best friends are here, since you ask,” explained the artist. She also noted that there are still people of color in the photo: her friends Valerie, Alex, Dakota and Tatiana, who have Mexican roots.

“We are all a wonderful mixture of everything. Some are more than others, and it is noticeable and celebrated in everything I do. For 11 years of work I have always been extremely inclusive, not even striving to be one, ”wrote Del Rey.

The singer emphasized that she has friends from around the world, and some of her boyfriends were rappers.

“Before you comment on the problem of people of color again: I am not the one who is storming the capital, I am literally changing the world by putting my life, thoughts and love on the table 24/7. Respect that, ”added Del Rey.

However, the fans were not reassured by the words of the singer. They felt that she was focusing on her figure and “White’s fragility” rather than accepting criticism and discussing the issue of diversity.

“I know she’s not racist or a Trump supporter, but she’s so ignorant and violent when people of color criticize her instead of listening to them. This is so annoying, ”one of the subscribers said.

In May 2020, Lana Del Rey was already forced to defend herself against racist accusations after leaving controversial comments about black actresses, including Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj.

Then Del Rey complained that she was condemned for songs about how to be a sensual, strong and self-sufficient woman who does what she wants – but such comments are not received by other artists with tracks dedicated to sexuality.

Also last year, Del Rey was criticized for the mask of a COVID denier. However, later on the singer’s instagram appeared photo and with normal protective masks.

And the musician confirmed her tolerance for people of color during a charity event: in November, Del Rey donated an advance payment for her book “Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass” to a fund that helps the Navajo people.

Preview image: lanadelrey / Instagram


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