Landes: 36 stitches in the face for Landes surfer Justin Bécret in Hawaii

The young pro surfer from the Landes Justin Bécret has been in Hawaii for a few days. This Thursday, he posted on Instagram a video of him on the mythical Pipeline surf spot. He falls head first at the very beginning of his wave, when he gets up. His face hits the water violently.

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36 stitches

The Seignosse surfer was seen posing 36 stitches after his fall. “His head came crashing against the reef“, says his father who can be heard having an exclamation of concern on the video. “Seeing his fall, I knew because there is no water there and he did not have time to protect himself“, continues Stéphane Bécret who took his son to the emergency room. Justin Bécret did not lose consciousness at the time of the impact with the reef, he returned to the beach alone but today has no memory of it.

This is undoubtedly what made world surfing legend Kelly Slater react in this way, who supported the Landes surfer on Instagram: “Looks like you avoided something much more serious. You still look like a model in the last photo. Girls love scars“, lance Kelly Slater.

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Kelly Slater’s supporting comment to support the Landes surfer.
Instagram screenshot

Justin Bécret will have to stop surfing for about ten days while this nasty wound heals. Each winter, the young Seignossais spends a few weeks on the North Shore to train against the best on the planet surfing.

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