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With a new formation, premiering their own songs and presenting new songs, the members of “Las Flores de Machiavelo” go out to play around the city.

The first date will be this Friday the 21st at 11 pm, in Alabama, with free admission. In contact with R2820 the composer, singer and bassist Leonidas Merelle stressed that it will be with the “incursion of the drummer Matías Irazusta, with whom we will meet again after 9 years when we share another musical project.”

Irazusta “was a fundamental part so that in these last six months the band took off and took a new direction towards professionalization. His entry moved us. We are already recording, we just released the song “Cabreado” on Spotify,” added Leonidas Merelle.

“Las Flores de Maquiavelo” have been together for 5 years and played on friends’ birthdays, but only recently have they begun to play live and show their own songs.

The creator was the keyboardist, pianist and leader Matías Barroso along with Leonidas Merelle who “as Divina Ciencia took vacations, I put all the chips into this new project,” said the musician. They are joined by Martin Dahuc and Pablo Brescasin as guitarists.

In the month of July, the first official song of “Las Flores de Machiavelli” was recorded, which is now available to listen to on digital platforms. It was recorded at the De Gatto Record studio under the musical production of Hugo Gatti.

The band travels through different musical styles from rock in its different forms, reggae, cumbia and punk rock.

“Whenever we perform live we play our own new songs, because composing songs and performing them live for this band is not a problem, the problem is remembering them, along with their lyrics” says Merelle jokingly and stressed that they will have guest musicians during this Friday the 21st at the Alabama bar, where he promises “a show with a lot of power of musical mixes”.

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