Last weeks The last Tourné at the Calderón Theater in Madrid

The last weeks of La última Shot, one of the theatrical works that have revolutionized the current theater scene. For these very special functions, there is a 50% discount for health personnel and companions. The play is written and directed by Félix Sabroso. What’s more, It has a cast well known to the audience, made up of Alaska, Mario Vaquerizo, Bibiana Fernández, Manuel Bandera, Marisol Muriel and Cayetano Fernández.

The final stretch

The show La última Shot begins the last weeks of the season at the Calderón Theater in Madrid (Calle Atocha, 18), where it will definitively end its performances next Sunday, April 4. The production company SEDA has launched in recent weeks a special offer of 50% discount for health personnel in all functions.

Once the tickets have been purchased with the Sanitary rate, It must be accredited at the entrance to the venue when attending the function that is part of a work unit related to health activity in any of its ranges. It will include the maintenance personnel of the facilities where the activity is carried out, as well as the workers of related services. Each acquirer may be accompanied by up to a maximum of three people to whom the same discount is applied.

Last weeks The last Tour

Sober ‘La última Tourné’

La última Shot, written and directed by Félix Sabroso, is starring Alaska (in the role of Paquita Castellón, an unstable comic star in an eternal search for herself), Mario vaquerizo (Enzo Marini, Albacete choreographer posing as Italian), Bibiana Fernandez (the first star, Miranda Vega), Manuel Bandera (Norberto Pinti, a very womanizing stage director capable of everything), Marisol Muriel (Chelo Mir, a dancer obsessed with replacing Miranda Vega) and Cayetano Fernandez (Tino Velasco, a recycled poodle tamer into a copla singer).

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La última Shot follows the trajectory of the works “Love is in the air” and “Love is still in the air”, which have swept over the last four years in Madrid and the rest of Spain, also written and directed by Félix Sabroso.

The framework chosen for this function of vaudeville tone is the early nineties. In the 90s, Spain was experiencing an explosion of growth, democracy was consolidating and we were facing a bubble of modernity and enrichment.

We were preparing the 1992 Expo and the Barcelona Olympics. The world had its eyes on us, as we turned its back on a global crisis that obviously reached us as well.. All that brief veneer of modernity concealed an idiosyncrasy of the homeland, funny, lying, where the picaresque and the horterez of the new rich shone everywhere.

La última ShotLa última Shot
Photo of “La última Tourné” (Jau Fornés)


Norberto Pinti (Manuel Bandera) is a director, author and producer who runs a small portable company of varieties that make their living through the towns of Spain on glossy and popular tours. After twenty years of success living in the nomadic show business, they discover that the genres they play are beginning to fall out of phase.

The nineties begin and Spain takes off economically and looks to Europe and the future. When they drop a summer tour Norberto decides that they must be renewed or die, the show is changing, we must do committed theater, real art, the Varietes, the vedettes are over. It is time to rise to art.

When Norberto decides to ride with lofty intentions, Lorca’s untitled comedy, the company disperses and they will follow Norberto in this new journey.

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Enjoy the last weeks of La última Shot at the Calderón Theater in Madrid.



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