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Disconnecting, relaxing, savoring, learning and interacting with the local population are some of the purposes that inspire Lonely Planet’s annual Best in Travel 2023 list, full of recommendations to take into account.

And it does so with a list divided into five sections so that everyone can consult them depending on what one wants to find or experience. From the unknown Albania to the colors of Jamaica, passing through the exquisite flavors of Lima’s cuisine, the indigenous communities of Alaska, Sydney or Guyana, converted into the new star of ecotourism in South America.


Lima has been consolidated for years as one of the cities where the best food is eaten in Latin America, a distinction that is added to the numerous attractions of its monuments and its history. Famous are its cevicherías and its pisco sour… to the point that it has created a current of travelers who arrive there specifically attracted by its restaurants and its famous chefs.

The Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, is another gastronomic destination in South America, famous for its vineyards of grape varieties such as tannat or albariño, with which a kind of white wine sangria called clericó is made.

Uruguay is also a land of good meats and, above all, a calm and relaxing destination that invites you to explore its 650 kilometers of coastline. The cosmopolitan point is Punta del Este, with its large residential houses and its sophisticated restaurants. Essential gastronomic experiences in this country are trying the ‘chivito’, the typical stuffed sandwich.


In this section is Colombia, a country that needs few reasons to be chosen as one of the best destinations on the planet. Only in protected natural areas, Colombia has 59 collections in its network of National Natural Parks. And it is that its indisputable natural wonders, its impressive colonial cities and its cultural richness can be a magnificent claim to encourage us to explore this exuberant country.

Jamaica is one of the most popular and traditional destinations in the Caribbean, which claims to be the perfect place to relax. Its Taíno name, Xaymaca, means “land of forests and water”, a perfect evocation of its white sand beaches, its mountains covered in vegetation or the waterfalls and rivers that abound everywhere.

Another Caribbean island, Dominica, known as the ‘Island of Nature’, has so far been one of the least visited islands in the Caribbean. It is probably one of the most intact islands in the region, an opportunity to discover a lifestyle that implies a connection with nature.


Guyana, a country of jaguars, giant anteaters and unique tropical forests on the planet, offers a unique experience to those who visit it, as does New Mexico (USA), known as ‘Land of Enchantment’, which is home to up to 23 native tribes. willing to share their musical, gastronomic and cultural universe with their visitors.

El Salvador, the smallest and most populous country in Central America, has wild beaches that have made it one of the best surfing destinations in the world and probably the one that receives the fewest foreign tourists. In addition, it is a comfortable country that can be easily explored combining colonial towns, natural beauties and archaeological sites. For example, Suchitoto, a colonial city next to Lake Suchtlán less than an hour from the capital. You don’t have to go far to find the Joya de Cerén, where thanks to the volcanic ash that covered the old Mayan city, today you can enjoy one of the most interesting sites in Central America.

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