Latino family suffers from coronavirus. 16 sick limbs and two in a coma.

  • Latino family suffers from 16 members infected with coronavirus; 2 in a coma
  • An Arizona family lives a harrowing series of contagion by coronavirus
  • The Mexican mother fears for the life of her husband who is hospitalized

A Mexican family in Arizona suffers a heartbreaking situation because 16 of its members have been infected with coronavirus, including a 9-month-old baby while two more remain intubated due to the inability to breathe.

According to the Efe news agency, it all started at the end of November when Julia, the daughter of Elías and Jazmín Mosqueda, showed signs of the disease for the first time.

PHOTO: Screenshot Facebook Jaz Burboa

The parents thought that the fever was the result of the little girl’s first teeth, indicates Efe.

“We don’t know when or where he got sick, we were taking all the precautions, but we got infected, we had to admit my husband because he couldn’t breathe, so at Christmas I received the news that they were going to intubate him,” she said. Julia’s mother was shocked to Efe.

Latino family suffers from coronavirus, Mosqueda, arizona

PHOTO: Screenshot Facebook Jaz Burboa

Although most family members, including the baby, appear to be slowly improving, Mosqueda says her husband’s health is at risk.

Elías, the father of the minor, has been admitted to a hospital in Phoenix (Arizona) since last December 25, in the middle of Christmas, facing an induced coma in an attempt to save his life.

He had to be inducted into ECMO treatment due to the complexity of his pneumonia.

Now this 32-year-old Mexican mother, 5 months pregnant, can’t stop praying for the life of her 33-year-old husband and her father-in-law, Eladio, 67, who is also on a ventilator in a hospital of Phoenix.

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