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There is nothing wrong with laughing during bed games. It’s time to break the prohibition on laughing during sex. Self-irony and laughter allow you to relieve sexual relations of unnecessary drama and confirm a good mood, one wave on both sides, experts say.

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While our favorite comedies often joked about sex, poking fun at casual relationships, circus-worthy acrobatic positions, and the intractable mysteries of the female orgasm, humor and love rarely go hand in hand in real life. And it’s a pity.

The core of this prohibition is a common but blackened thing: laughing during sex. It is believed that laughter kills desire as quickly as a slap in the face. But is he really such a terrible threat to intimacy? Maybe not. By the way, many sexologists urge us to reconsider our point of view on this and list the unknown positive aspects of laughter in bed.

Consent symbol

Although laughter in the middle of caresses is perceived as sacrilege, which ruins attraction and desire at the root, many experts, on the contrary, regard it as a sign of this very desire. If laughter is shared, it reinforces closeness and harmony. It is necessary to understand the partner, his expectations and body language.

At least that’s what psychologist David Wahl thinks. He writes in Psychology Today that the laughter of two (or more) people “strengthens intimacy and, as a result, the ability to express their feelings in the environment, which can only increase the perceived pleasure.” In other words, the one who laughs about sex, talks about it, puts communication at the center of affection and positions. The dialogue should be conducted by two people filled with feelings.

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Relaxed sex

By the way, one of the greatest strengths of unexpected laughter is that it breaks inhibitions. Promotes relaxed sex. Laughter relieves pressure, helps you relax and have fun, which is very important, “especially if this is your first time having sex and you are nervous about your ability,” writes the LGBTQ Pride website. Sometimes just a smile is enough.

“Sex should be entertaining, playful with the risk of embarrassment. Humor allows you to maintain a playful atmosphere by raising the topic of discussion: yes, sometimes men are ‘too fast’, but let’s talk about it without shame. There is nothing more important than this for a healthy sex life “, – explains David Wahl.

Self-irony and laughter allow you to relieve sexual relations of unnecessary drama and confirm a good mood, one wave on both sides.

The humor is sexy

Humor is a manifestation of self-irony and intelligence and, therefore, itself can contribute to sexual attraction. He’s sexy at least from a psychological point of view. As Psychology Today notes, jokes can help you relax mentally and physically. Laughter has been shown to “relax the body, reduce stress and release endorphins.”

Thus, it means better mood, breathing and general well-being. It is no coincidence that there is a whole “yoga of laughter”. Finally, laughter promotes seduction in a certain way. It serves as proof of some kind of detachment (not to be confused with indifference), awareness of one’s own weaknesses or the absurdity of the situation. That is, behavior without toxicity and arrogance.

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