Le Nouvelliste | Grand premiere of the feature film “A heart in convalescence”

On October 2, the grand premiere of the feature film “A heart in the mend” took place in Boston, Massachusetts. Written by screenwriter Brunir Olivier Shackelton and directed by Karm-Syndia, this film stars Nadège Telfort, Betty Bella Lemite, Jean Laplante, Chris Jason Laplante, Vanessa Azemar, Esmeralda Sully, and Brunir Olivier Shackelton.

The film opens on a tone that is both festive and tragic: the bachelor party of Ralph Guy Alexandre (Brunir Shackleton) with music, gags and striptease, and the death of his fiancée by traffic accident . After this thunderous start, the film slows down to paint Ralph’s gloom. A successful photographer, he seems to take little pleasure in his photo shoots, especially since they arouse flashbacks of his late darling in him.

On the other side, a little later, Christèle Mondavi (Nadège Telfort) is also going through a dark period because of the absence of her husband, Robert Mondavi (Jean Laplante), a soldier deployed in Afghanistan. Christèle’s melancholy will worsen when Robert decides to join an American special forces mission in Kuwait.

Two parallel stories of grief, but which meet, because Robert asked Ralph, his best friend, to spend time with Christèle to help him endure his loneliness. Will Ralph remain that honorable soul who, despite his own affliction, must try by his presence to cheer up his friend’s wife? Christèle, who painfully supports her enforced solitude, the end of which remains uncertain, will she remain faithful to her matrimonial vows?

The suspense will rebound, later, when Ralph falls in love with Joanne Jean-Charles (Betty Bella Lemite), Christèle’s best friend. How will Robert’s wife behave during a dinner with the new couple? Will the friendship between Christèle and Joanne disrupt the romantic relationship between Ralph and Joanne? What about the one between Ralph and Christelle? He has found love again, while she continues to mope in the blue. What will happen to Robert?

These questions, and their resolutions which raise other questions, hold the viewer’s interest until the final outcome.

The screenwriter, Brunir Shackleton, relies on conflicting situations between the protagonists, in particular between Ralph and Christèle, Christèle and Joanne, and even Christèle and Robert. However, further exploitation of these situations would make the film much more moving and the plot more powerful, which would give the actors a great deal of leeway to demonstrate a varied range of emotions.

“A heart in convalescence” shines with its technical qualities thanks to superb cinematography and impeccable sound. The actors, both main and secondary, deliver a balanced performance. Nadège Telfort, confirming her status as a great lady of Haitian cinema, enhances the quality of the film with her imposing presence and her crystalline performance. Karm-Syndia, the multi-talented young director of the film, delivered a finished product that has nothing to envy to Hollywood productions.

We hope that the Cinélions team will continue on its way by strengthening itself to offer us projects, some more ambitious than the others. The high quality of production and marketing demonstrates an obvious potential to take Haitian cinema out of its customary amateurism.

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