Le sublime boat trip and Alaska de Chris Burkard

Photographer and director Chris Burkard played guides in Alaska for four surfers. Here is the short film “A / Div: Alaska” which tells about their adventure.

Famous for his surf and landscape photos taken around the world and especially in Iceland and Alaska, the American Chris Burkard recently unveiled their latest short film made with members of the Billabong Adventure Division. It was once again in Alaska that Chris traveled with four surfers (Griffin Colapinto, Tyler Warren, Becca Speak and Eithan Osborne). Aboard a small fishing boat (the Viking), the crew will explore the coasts of Alaska in search of little-known waves.

Another atmosphere with the Surf Eplore collective who had traveled to Asia to explore the virgin waves of the Philippines. Check out this adventure below in this report from Riding Zone (produced by Puzzle Media).

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