[Leak]Arizona Ice Tea x Adidas Originals Women’s Superstar White / Multicolor (GZ2861)

Collaboration presented by New Yorker oasis “ARIZONA”!

Born in the heart of Brooklyn, New York in 1992, “DRINK ARIZONA“The many flavors of iced tea-based products that moisturize the dryness of New Yorkers have been loved by people for over 20 years at an astonishing price of just 99 cents. In 2019, adidas.” ) “, Who played a unique collaboration with” ARIZONA “, signed a team-up again after a year and a half.

In the previous work, it was planned to be released in a pop-up in New York, but it was so popular that it formed a long line and the NY police were dispatched. The sequel to the up-and-coming collaboration, which has been discontinued, is based on “SUPER STAR,” which has finished its 50th anniversary anniversary. The left and right sides are mismatched with mint green, which is the package design of “GREEN TEA”, which represents “ARIZONA”, pink of plum blossoms, and blue, which is the image color of the brand. Illustrations, which are also a symbol of “ARIZONA”, are placed at key points to create a comical design. The sneakers are full of special feelings such as lace accessories and the logo of the outsole.
Scheduled to be released overseas in 2021. The price is $ 100.As soon as new information is available, Sneaker WarsTwitterI want to report on Facebook and Facebook.

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