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Even centuries after it was founded in 1636, the name of the Harvard University it continues to hold a high place, even mystical, in the collective imagination of Western society and academia. The oldest institution of higher learning in the United States is one of the most prestigious and influential academic bodies in the world and has the largest university budget in the world reaching a figure that borders on 40,000 million dollars (according to data from the year 2018).

In this sense, who would not want to consider themselves a student of this very famous private university? It is true that it is a lack of funds that is most holding back people who would like to be among the graduating ranks, which include 161 Nobel laureates48 Pulitzer Prizes, 10 Academy Awards, 8 Presidents of the United States and 30 Heads of State abroad.

However, people who would like to take advantage of the educational resources of this institute without having to travel to Cambridge, Massachusetts, nor disburse thousands of dollars, they can make use of a resource that they offer from the very university so that everyone who wants to can attend different courses. In the website official They offer hundreds of courses that can be attended online and without having to pay a euro.

More than 100 free courses

In addition to the fact that all the courses reach 800 classes, there are more than 100 to which you can attend completely free of charge in numerous areas such as art and design, businesscomputer science, ‘data science’ (data science), education and pedagogy, medicine and health sciences, humanities, mathematics, programming, the “hard” sciences and the social sciences.

One of the most useful tools on the web page in which you will find all these courses is your filter systemwhich can be useful for users who want to fully explore all their options.

The columns in which the characteristics of each course can be mixed and recombined include the areas of study just mentioned, the price (which can reach $51,500), the start date, the different faculties that offer the subjects, the duration (which goes from the few lessons to those that exceed 12 weeks), the difficulty, with a consideration between “introduction”, “moderate” and “advanced”, and the modality, which can be face-to-face, live telematics or a recording, or mixed.

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