Lee Remick, the most ripped blue eyes in Hollywood

She was one of the most versatile actresses in Hollywood, succeeding with solid, ripped and dramatic characters. Lee Remick, a dazzling blue-eyed performer, disappeared prematurely at age 55.

He was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, on December 14, 1935. At school he took acting classes and later studied acting at Barnard College and the famous Actor’s Studio. After finishing his studies, he began to work in the theater and also in television.

In 1957 he got his first film role, in the movie ‘A face in the crowd’by Elia Kazan, her teacher at the Actor’s Studio. Later he participated in another hit, ‘The long hot summer’. In 1959 he became a star as a result of his starring role opposite James Stewart in ‘Anatomy of a murder’by Otto Preminger. A year later he shared the screen with Montgomery Clift in ‘Wild River’.

In 1962 she got an Oscar nomination for best leading actress for her role as a wife who is pushed by her husband towards alcoholism in ‘Days of wine and roses’ by Blake Edwards, along with Jack Lemmon, one of his most emotional characters, full of gestures, looks and rich in implications. Bette Davis, also nominated that year for ‘What happened to Baby Jane?’He said, “Miss Remick’s performance blew me away, and I thought, if I lose the Oscar, it will be for her.” They both lost him to Anne Bancroft ‘, and Remick went back to work under Edwards in ‘Blackmail against a woman’, junto a Glenn Ford.

When Marilyn Monroe was fired during the filming of the comedy ‘Something’s Got to Give’, Fox announced that Remick would be her replacement. However, Dean Martin, who was the male lead, refused to continue, saying that while he admired Remick, he had signed the contract strictly so he could work with Marilyn Monroe.

In 1963 he starred ‘The price of a death’, alongside Laurence Harvey. This film would become a Hollywood legend, because it had become a commercial failure because it had been released in the days of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, so it went unnoticed, being rediscovered years later. After a few months doing Broadway musicals, Remick returned to the movies with ‘The last attempt’ (1965), with Steve McQueen, directed by Robert Mulligan, and with the comic western ‘The Battle of the Whiskey Hills’ opposite Burt Lancaster, in which she plays a wild leader of the Salvation Army.

In 1966 he played on Broadway ‘Alone in the dark’ under Arthur Penn, for which she is nominated for a Tony Award for Best Dramatic Actress. But for the film adaptation of the work it would be replaced by Audrey Hepburn. Little by little Lee Remick is spreading his work in Hollywood, betting more on theater and television. Of these last 60 years it is worth highlighting ‘The detective’ (1968), where she plays the wife of the detective played by Frank Sinatra, who must investigate the murder of a homosexual.

In 1970 she is called by Paul Newman to star alongside him ‘Invincible caste’, who also directs and after this work Remick goes to live in England, where he participated in several films, standing out in 1976 as the mother of little Demian in ‘The prophecy’, and in 1979 ‘The Europeans’, de James Ivory.

Back in the United States, in 1988 he formed his own production company with two partners, one of whom was the well-known actor James Garner. In his last years he devoted himself mainly to television, for which he made tvmovies and miniseries. More than half of the films in which she appeared throughout her career were for television, a medium in which she was an especially popular and appreciated actress. She won two Golden Globes for the 1973 television movie “The Blue Knight,” and for playing the title role in the 1974 miniseries “Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill.” For this last role, she also won the BAFTA TV award for best actress, and in 1978 she worked with Charles Bronson on ‘Telephone’, and in 1980 on Bob Clark’s ‘Tribute’, alongside Jack Lemmon. His last job was in 1989 in the television movie “Around the World in 80 Days” starring Pierce Brosnan, where he played Sarah Bernhardt.

Lee Remick was married twice. The first with producer Bill Colleran for eleven years, after which he divorced. The second with fellow producer Kip Gowans for 21 years. From his first marriage Remick had two children. The actress passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 55, on July 2, 1991 as a result of cancer. His funeral was a sign of the importance of his career. His best friends, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Lemmon and Gregory Peck, were present and during the cremation of his remains, his children, Kate and Matt Colleran, sang ‘Anyone Can Whistle’, the theme of one of his Broadway musicals.


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