Legendary man Sergey Burlakov is visiting Kursk

The holder of the title of man-planet, Paralympic champion, 7-time holder of the IronMan title – Sergei Burlakov visited Kursk again. In our city he will have to undergo another prosthetics. Despite his busy schedule, he found time not only to meet old friends, but also to get to know the chickens who, like himself, had survived limb amputation. Sergei Burlakov is sure that in order to achieve something in life, two things are necessary: ​​to love your home and love your work, and he considers human possibilities to be unlimited. If you have faith in yourself, everything will work out.

After four amputations, Sergei Burlakov not only was not disappointed in life, but also mastered new sports, more than once overcame marathon distances, learned to fly an aircraft. At the same time, he himself admits that although he tried himself in many sports, triathlon is still his life, and karate is love.

By the way, Sergey Burlakov goes on the tatami not only against para-athletes. Not so long ago, he took the team bronze at the World Championships among healthy karateka. He was twice awarded the most iconic international sports award, the so-called “Sports Oscar”. Moreover, for the first time, representatives of the jury personally brought the statuette to Russia, complaining that before that the awardees had come to them themselves. “Of course, they wrote to me beforehand, but when I saw the letter in English, I thought it was spam and immediately deleted it without reading it,” Sergey now recalls with a smile. But the second trip for the “Oscar” still took place, although the athlete could not afford it. The money for it was collected by the whole world, then the Kursk businessman Roman Alekhin made his contribution, after which his friendship with the athlete began. And this proved once again the postulate deduced by Sergei Burlakov: there are no chance meetings.

Sergei Burlakov not only headed not so long ago the Karate Federation for Para-athletes, but is also ready to help athletes with disabilities who want to be at the origins of this movement in Kursk. He also brought one more good news, which will please not only our fellow countrymen. As recently as at the beginning of November, he presented to President Vladimir Putin a proposal that people with disabilities in adulthood should have the right to receive a second higher education at the expense of budget funds. The head of state has already supported the initiative, and work on the relevant bill is underway. By the way, Sergei Burlakov will take a couple of equally significant initiatives from Kursk, which he promised to acquaint both the members of the Public Chamber and the head of state with. What kind of proposals these will be – time will show and Kursktv.

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